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We are developing an open-source distributed decentralized object data storage project called NeoFS. Our mission is to make data reliably stored, accessible at any time and fully controllable by the owner. All of these properties are satisfied in an untrusted environment, making decentralized technologies as easy and as fast to use as centralized ones. The system has a unique architecture and implementation that allows using it as a global storage network with no single point of failure and reaching enterprise-grade performance in on-premise deployments at the same time.

The objective is a modular system with the following features:

Peer-to-peer storage solution
Global scalability
Self-sustaining due to a built-in economic incentive system that can be used in various business cases for public or private distributed decentralized object storages

Neo Lambda

We are developing a decentralized, stateless and serverless computing platform integrated with Neo Blockchain


We are developing and supporting Neo Node implementation in Golang


  • Neo technologies-themed meetups and conferences
  • Hackathons
  • Research projects in collaboration with universities and companies


Sergei Liubich
Chief Executive Officer
Fabian Wahle
Strategic Advisor
Roman Khimov
Chief Technical Officer
Sergey Eremenko
Chief Solutions Officer
Leonard Liubich
Software Engineer
Anna Shaleva
Software Engineer
Sergio Nemirowski
System Administrator
Pavel Karpy
Software Engineer
Mikhail Petrov
Software Engineer
Evgenii Baidakov
Software Engineer
Tatiana Nesterenko
Software Engineer
Evgenii Zaiats
QA Engineer
Ekaterina Pavlova
Software Engineer


Q2 2024
Digging into metadata
  • New metadata handling subsystem prototype
  • Performance improvements
  • New session token format
  • dBFT modification for MEV Ethereum protection
Q1 2024
Panel and protocol extensions
  • NeoFS Panel public release at
  • NeoFS protocol extensions for replication, big objects, EACL and search
  • REST gateway extensions and complete replacement of HTTP gateway
  • dBFT library refactoring
  • Stable multinode dBFT consensus for Ethereum
Q4 2023
Performance and new tools
  • Publishing SFTP gateway and Neo exporter
  • GitHub action to publish things into NeoFS
  • Core protocol performance improvements
  • Verified storage node attributes
  • Complete NeoFS contract management integration
  • S3 compatibility and performance improvements
  • Extended genesis configuration for NeoGo
  • Initial dBFT integration into Ethereum
Q3 2023
Improving integration
  • Serving test reports and websites from NeoFS
  • Improvements for node administration and CLI user interface
  • Attribute management extensions
  • New NeoFS storage subsystem for small objects
  • NeoFS SDK stabilization
  • Extended error codes for NeoGo RPC protocol
  • 3.6-compatible NeoGo release
Q2 2023
Structural simplification, part 2
  • NeoFS contract management (deploy/update) simplification
  • Drop unused obsolete code and features from NeoFS
  • Testing automation
  • SDK interface simplification and unification
  • Event autodetection for smart contracts in Go
  • Zero-knowledge proof support in NeoGo
Q1 2023
Structural simplification
  • Inner ring and blockchain node unification
  • System update procedure simplification
  • Drop support for legacy NeoFS deployment modes
  • Remove known contract-related limitations
  • dBFT TLA+ model
Q4 2022
Fixes and optimization
  • Support for storage node maintenance mode
  • Extended test suite, fixes for tens of problems found
  • Tree-service optimization
  • Additional metrics for storage and IR nodes
  • NeoGo:
    • Configuration refactoring
    • Support for structures in the smart contract RPC bindings generator
    • Neo 3.5.0 compatibility
  • Public Neo networks update
Q3 2022
Technological improvements
  • Local data storage:
    • Configuration refactoring
    • Storage scheme optimization and refactoring
  • Tree-service component improvement to work with S3:
    • Synchronization of trees between nodes
    • Replication optimization
    • Sharding
  • Additional storage node metrics
    (write cache and Tree-service)
  • S3 Gateways:
    • Authentication/authorization mechanism rework
    • IAM-compatible access control schemes
    • REST Gateway
  • CDN:
    • Accounting
    • Domain binding
    • Options for integration with external systems
  • Advanced monitoring of all services
  • NeoGo:
    • RPC client refactoring
    • Wrappers for calling contracts via RPC
    • dBFT improvements
    • Implementation and support of Neo protocol changes
  • Launch in Neo T5 Testnet network
Q2 2022
NeoFS for the Real Economy
  • Dynamic eACL rules
  • Acceleration of work with versions of objects
  • Improved S3 ACL support
  • Authorization from an external source
  • Background logical integrity check
  • Dynamic inner ring extension
  • Lightweight NeoGo nodes
Q1 2022
NeoFS Improvement
  • Enabling the notary system
  • Support for object versioning
  • NeoFS CDN launch
  • Neofs-sdk-go v1.0.0 release with integration examples
  • Notifications API support
Q4 2021
NeoFS Community Support
  • Storage engine
    • Dynamic queues
    • Data replication upgrade
    • Data evacuation
    • Background scrubber
    • Degradation mode
  • DNS/NNS in SDK
  • NeoFS documentation release
  • S3 app compatibility
Q3 2021
NeoFS MainNet
  • NeoFS MainNet release
  • NeoGo MainNet release
  • Economic model optimization
  • ACL translation for gateways
  • Detailed documentation, community helper tools and papers
Q2 2021
NeoFS Services
  • Storage engine optimizations
  • HTTP gateway release
  • S3 gateway release
  • TLS support in storage nodes
  • NeoGo N3-RC-compatible releases
Q1 2021
NeoFS in the Neo 3.0 Testnet
  • NeoFS launch in Neo 3.0 Testnet
Q4 2020
NeoFS Infrastructure
  • Service infrastructure implementation for the NeoFS public storage
Q3 2020
NeoFS 1.0 release
  • NeoFS v1.0 release and public access to the storage network
  • NeoFS CDN and HTTP gateway
Q2 2020
NEO 3.0
  • Integration of NeoFS and Neo Blockchain smart contract
  • NeoFS contract development
Q1 2020
Core components development completion
  • Reputation system design and implementation
  • Implementation of adding and excluding the inner ring nodes
  • Implementation of excluding storage nodes from the network map
  • Implementation of support for new network protocols
Q4 2019
Testing and optimization
  • Closed NeoFS alpha test for Neo development community
  • Open NeoFS alpha test
  • Upgraded storage group model implementation
  • Payment model balancing
Q3 2019
Alpha release
  • Incentive model release
  • Proof-of-Concept launch
Q2 2019
Feature development
  • Data replication implementation
  • Project presentation to Neo community
  • Implementation of smart contract and payment methods for data storage
  • API design
Q1 2019
Platform development
  • Implementation of methods to work with physical blob storage
  • Metadata storage implementation
  • Implementation of data audit and data validation methods
Q4 2018
  • Development process organization
  • Design of basic project architecture and experiments
  • Research plan release
  • Network protocols (exchange and routing) implementation
  • Implementation of the algorithm for objects placement and retrieval in the network


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